Better healthcare for everyone

The digital infrastructure for Universal Health Coverage

Elephant is the future of health: a digital platform that enables an intelligent, co-ordinated and patient-centred service.

It lays the foundation for a nation-wide health service to be developed, step-by-step, inspired by the UK’s pioneering National Health Service.

It means more people can receive the right care, everywhere.

Our technology

Built by doctors, we combine clinical and technical expertise, to deliver applications that are fast and fit for the frontline.

  • Lightweight
  • Low Cost
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Easy to Scale

A platform that reduces costs and saves lives

Digitising the frontline

We digitise workstreams at the frontline of care, with dramatic, immediate and systemic improvements: enabling joined up care, coordinated disease surveillance, better stock and revenue management.

Connecting patients and healthcare systems

We give patients access to their health records. We connect different elements of a healthcare service, where the sharing of information is key: doctor to patient, clinic to clinic, and clinics to policymakers.

Powerful reporting tools

We provide real-time access to granular data and insights. Powerful reporting and analytic tools allow practitioners and policymakers to make high impact data-driven decisions to protect people’s health.

We work with partners across the world to create healthcare systems that are integrated and accountable from the ground up.

True, long-term transformation

Elephant has the potential to radically transform healthcare services, using the power of data to enable effective disease response and to accelerate a country toward preventative care.

Success for us is dynamic, it is both a goal and a process: ever-improving public health, and linking the expansion of coverage with increased financial sustainability.


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